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Today’s Milkfish Fillet Dinner Menu Recipe

Before you cooking milkfish fillet dinner, you also need to know why it is recommended for you to eat milkfish bangus. Yes, it is true that major organizations suggest that people need to consume omega 3 fatty acids source fish because it is good to maintain healthy heart. The reason is simple, because human body cannot generate or produce their own omega 3 fatty acids, but you should gain the natural omega 3 fatty acids oil intake and this is why you need to eat fish offering high level of omega 3 and one of them is milkfish bangus or bandeng. For more information read below.

Why you should buy frozen milkfish?
Why go frozen when you can get fresh fillets? Well, the reason is because not all people have an access to get high quality fresh fillets while frozen fish is always ready and available to be bought in grocery stores. Not to mention that the fresh fillets that you found in the markets are usually a frozen fish fillets thawed previously and claimed as fresh product, so why not go frozen instead a fresh fish which can spoilage quickly.
When you want to cook easy milkfish fillet dinner, then frozen product is the best choice because you will use the fish later in the evening when you want to cook for dinner, right? Buying frozen milkfish bangus which last longer than fresh fish is the best choice since you can store the frozen fish in the refrigerator to be used later, while fresh fish is better to be cooked as soon as possible especially if you want to get the tastiest flavor. Frozen fish can last longer for months even for years and their qualities are just as good as fresh fish and thus there is nothing wrong with you go to buy frozen milkfish bangus. Frozen fillets product is cheaper than fresh fillet as well, save more money with this kind of style.
Okay, so why is should be milkfish? Well, of course you can always try to cook other species of fish especially popular oily fish like tuna or salmon. However, compared them with milkfish in regards of the harmful content such as mercury, milkfish bangus is considered to be safer than tuna and salmon because it provides lower level of methyl mercury than both of the fish.
Delicious crispy buttermilk milkfish fillet dinner
To cook the buttermilk milkfish fillet dinner is easy and quick, a perfect choice for simple dinner for the whole family. You just need to make crispy batter fried buttermilk fillets milkfish bangus with these ingredients and instructions.
-          2 pounds of milkfish fillets
-          1/4 tsp of ground red pepper
-          1 cup of biscuit baking mix
-          1/4 cup of canola oil
-          1 cup of buttermilk
-          1/2 tsp of salt

1.      Prepare the baking dish and pour the buttermilk over the milkfish fillets, make sure the buttermilk perfectly coated the fish fillets.
2.      Cover the baking dish with plastic wrap and store inside refrigerator for a half an hour. Turning the fish fillets just once.
3.      Prepare a new baking dish or bowl the make a mixture of biscuit baking mix, ground red pepper, and salt for extra flavor.
4.      Take out the fish fillets out of the refrigerator and remove them from the buttermilk. Drained off the excess buttermilk.
5.      Place the fillets in biscuit baking mixture; coat them on the both sides using the baking mixture evenly.
6.      Preheat the skillet with medium heat and add the canola or cooking oil. Cook the milkfish fillet dinner by placing the fish on the skillet. Flip the fish when one part already turned into golden brown. Cook one side for about 3 to 4 minutes, do not overcook and since fillets are quickly cook, you should pay attention.
7.      The fillets are considered to be cooked when they are flakes easily using fork’s pressure.
8.      Remove the skillet from the head and place the cooked fish fillets on paper towel to remove excess oil. Cover with foil and repeat the same process with the remaining fish fillets. You can add more oil if required.
Serve the milkfish fillet dinner when they are all cooked perfectly. You can serve the dish with tartar sauce or mashed potatoes as well!

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