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What is Kappa Carrageenan Usage and Production Process?

There are some people that question about what is kappa carrageenan, as you might never hear about this substance before. But you should know that people inside the industries are actually very knowledgeable about this substance. That is why; people inside the industries have been using this substance for a long time when they create many kinds of product. Furthermore the carrageenan substance itself is known for the ability which able to gel, stabilizes, and thickens, other substance which mixed with it. Thus when the product is mixed with this substance, then the appearance will be better thus the production process will be easier. This is the reason for the usage of carrageenan in creation of many kinds of product from personal care to food product.

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If you want to know what is kappa carrageenan, then you should know that it is a kind of carrageenan that made using Kappaphycus alvarezii which is one species of red edible seaweed. This kind of carrageenan is actually able to make strong as well as rigid gel if potassium ion is available inside the mixture. Thus many products which made from diary is created using kappa carrageenan inside the mixture. The kappa carrageenan itself only has 1 sulphate set on each disaccharide. Furthermore this kind of carrageenan is only able to dissolve inside liquid in high temperature.
If you want to know what is kappa carrageenan usage; then you should know that this substance has many kinds of usage. First it can be used as food additive inside the food or thickening substance inside personal care product because of its ability that can thicken the product itself. Second it is commonly used to replace gelatin inside product for vegetarian and vegan since gelatin is made using animal source thus it cannot be used on that type of products. The kappa carrageenan itself is made using one species of red edible seaweed which actually is a plant, thus it is consider suitable for vegetarian and vegan product.
Next question that needs to be answer is about what is kappa carrageenan production process. The process began by the farming procedure of the kappa red seaweed species itself. You should know that this species of red seaweed can grows until 2 meter in height. Usually it has yellow and even green color. The growing process is also very fast since it cans double its amount only in 15 days time. That is why the farmer can easily farm it since it is ready to be harvest every three months when the weight is already 1 kg.
The farmer will use nylon line to control the kappa carrageenan growth, which usually hung in 2 meter depth. This line itself is attached to bamboo stick which floats on the surface. After the weight of kappa carrageenan plant is suitable enough, then it will be harvest to be used to make carrageenan substance that you question earlier.
The harvested kappa carrageenan will be dried first since the water content need to be removed before being shipped into the factory location. Then we are ready to answer your question about what is kappa carrageenan production process inside the factory. First process that the factory will do is the grinding process to make the raw material which is the kappa carrageenan itself becomes easier to be processed. Then the sifting process which is to remove any sand, that carried on the raw material accidentally. Of course washing process is done to completely remove other impurities.
Next is the soaking process using alkali solution which usually is the Potassium hydroxide that is in 5 to 8% of the overall amount. Then the heating process will be done to create the kappa carrageenan from the material, but there is also celluloses created during the making process. To get rid all of the celluloses, then centrifugation process as well as filtration process is done. Next is the evaporation process to make the result into more solid form even though drying process is still done afterwards. Last is the grinding process which makes it into finer powder form. Those are all the information that you need to know when you have question about what is kappa carrageenan so you will be more informed.

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