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Catfish Supplier Hong Kong for Market Product Supply Around the World

For those who need catfish supplier Hong Kong then you might want to know more information about it. Catfish is a fish that is very delicious to eat; this is why many people like to cook various dishes using this fish as the ingredient. This is surely a huge change that people in the market should use since many people will want to find catfish product at the market so they can cook it at home. This is where the supplier took part since the market will need to have some product to be sell, thus the supplier will also need to send the product to the market.

Catfish Supplier Hong Kong Production Process
Hong Kong is a huge producer which has many suppliers that provide many kind of catfish product for the market around the world. If you have a market that need some catfish supply, then you might want to contact the catfish supplier Hong Kong. Let us see how this supplier creates their product to be send into the market. You should know that the supplier usually grow their own catfish so they can ensure the quality of their product to be the best in the market.
So before producing their product, they will first grow the fish from egg that they take from the brood fish. This fish usually lays around three to four thousands eggs in one year while the fish is placed on the special box. Those eggs would then collected by the farmer to be hatched inside the hatchery. When the egg hatched, it will turn into sack fish form which is the first form that catfish have on their lifecycle after it hatched. Afterwards they will grow bigger and become fingerling, so it will need to be remove and taken to the grow pond.
From this pond, the catfish supplier Hong Kong can take the fish that has become even bigger after around 1.5 year to two year more. To grow it, the fish will be feed using feeder which will float above the pond. This food will ensure the catfish to have specific taste that make the fish delicious to you. At this stage, usually the fish will grow around five inches to seven inches in size. After around 1.5 year to two year has passed, then the fish will grow again to be as big as around 18 pound to 20 pound in weight.
When this weight is reached, the catfish supplier Hong Kong will send worker to do some test on the quality and the flavor that the fish have. If the catfish passed this test, then they can be harvest from the pond. Seines in large sizes, will be use so the fish will gather around in one area, thus the worker can use large size crane with net to take the fish. Large size truck with huge tank on the back will be used to transport the fish into the factory facility where the product is made.
On the catfish supplier Hong Kong factory, the fish will be weight using scale so they will know how much fish is harvested on the pond. The grader machine will then separated those fishes before being cleaned by the worker. Next the fish that already cleaned will be cut according to the specification decided by the supplier. Now the fish is ready to be freeze so the quality of the fish can be preserved. Then those frozen catfish product will be put inside the box so it will be easier to be delivered into the market using this box.
The box will be put inside truck with chiller storage to transport it into the market so the product will stay frozen all the way. You will then receive the product inside the box which used to bring the catfish to your market. At the time the product is arrived to the market, you can see that the supplier gives you the best product that they create. That product also has high quality thus you should not doubt the catfish supplier Hong Kong factory anymore. Now you can rest assure and order catfish product from this factory to be sold in your market so you can gain some profit from selling this to customer.

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