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Why Fresh Breast Milk Smells Like Fish?

Fresh breast milk smells like fish is a common thing to occur for nursing women. Unfortunately, there are only few studies or researchers about this topic, although many mother who are nursed their babies often experience similar thing. There are actually many factors that affect the smell of your breast milk according to some studies that we will share today. But, first thing first if you worried about why your breast milk smells fishy, you do not have to feel that way because you are not the only one! Moreover, human breast milk taste is varied depending on the storage method, diet, and medications.

Why your fresh breast milk smells like fish?
Maybe you already know that women breast milk is unique and they can have different taste, appearance, and smell from one woman to another. In addition, when your babies were born, they can easily recognize the unique smell and taste of your breast milk and be comforted by it. It is because the amniotic fluid that nourish the baby when they still in your belly has similar flavors with your breast milk.
But, how about fresh breast milk smells like fish? Is it the sign that the breast milk is no longer good for the babies? Do not be worried if the breast smell or even slightly taste fishy because there are several factors that make the breast milk smells like that.
-          Food and medication
The first factor of why your breast milk smell and even taste fishy is comes from the food or medication that you eat. And it is makes a lot of sense because what you eat will change the smell and flavor of your breast milk. This is also a reason of why when the baby can finally eat solid foods; they can easily enjoy wide variety of foods. Certain medications can also lead to fishy smell or taste.
Since we talk about food factors, some people like to recommend nursing women to eat fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids oil. The omega 3 contains DHA and EPA which is good for children and baby brain development; of course nursing women need to eat the fish in moderate amount since there is an issue with mercury content. Milkfish bangus or bandeng is a good silvery fish that provides high quality omega 3 fatty acids. The fish has protein, B vitamins, and minerals as well. They are good to be eaten by nursing women and since this fish does not accumulate too much mercury level, nursing or even pregnant women can eat the fish 2 to 3 servings per week. Milkfish bangus is considerate to be one of the safest fish for all.
If you eat fish such as milkfish, this is why your fresh breast milk smells like fish. Moreover, according to study from Harris, W. S. et. al., if the mother taking fish oil supplement then 1 to 3 hours later after take the capsules, their breast milk smell fishy. So it is logic if you eat seafood like milkfish, it will affect the smell of your breast milk.
-          Storage method
Beside above factors, storage method that you use can also affect the fresh breast milk smell like fresh milkfish. How you store the breast milk will give some impact to the taste. If you keep the milk inside refrigerator or at room temperature, the milk will start to perform into separate layers. But, it does mean the breast milk start going bad because it indicates that the cream just rising to the top. You just need to shake the milk a bit and then the milk is ready for the baby.
-          Freezing and thawing habits
Freezing and thawing the breast milk can affect on both the taste and smell as well. Maybe you notice that after you thaw the milk, it smells uncomfortable. However, this is normal since the lipase contained in the milk can develop a sour and soapy smell plus taste. Fortunately, it is not harmful to the baby.
There are certain factors of why fresh breast milk smells like fish especially with factor number one that you just read. Hope all this explanation helps you to understand better about the breast milk smell and taste.

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