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Milkfish Philippines Supply Product for Seafood Restaurant

When you own a seafood restaurant, then you might want to search for milkfish Philippines product since this food fish is really popular. A lot of people love to go to seafood restaurant since the place serves many kinds of delicious fish dishes. Even though not all of the fish comes from the sea, still whenever people want to eat fish dishes, they will come to seafood restaurant. Not to mention that everyone already knows the importance of eating food fish as parts of their diet. Thus you surely you notice that there are more people often come to your seafood restaurant weekly.
Seafood Restaurant Using Fillet Milkfish Philippines Product
But then again you should be aware that if they come too often to your seafood restaurant, it means they will be bored with the menu you give to them. That is why; you should try to give them more fish variation for them to eat so they would not get bored and comes more often to your seafood restaurant. One of the food fish that you might want to try giving them is milkfish. This fish is very delicious and versatile, thus you will be able to create many kinds of fish dish using this ingredient.
But of course you need to get the food fish first if you want to use it as the ingredient in your seafood restaurant. That is why you need to be in touch with milkfish Philippines supplier which able to provide you the product that you want. Milkfish itself is very popular food fish in Philippines, thus you will be able to search for this product easily from a supplier which based in that country. Furthermore the supplier usually already knows they need to do in order to create high quality milkfish product for your seafood restaurant since they have many experience in this area.
But if you want to know more about the procedure that the supplier done to create the product, then we will discuss it more here. Since milkfish Philippines has high demand, usually the supplier already has their own fish farm. Especially since by having their own fish farm the quality of the fish inside the farm can be maintain to be the highest possible. To grow the milkfish first the supplier will need to have the egg which taken from mature milkfish that should also have high quality. Then the eggs will be brought into the hatchery tank to separate it.
After the egg hatched inside the hatchery tank, there will be newly hatched larvae that come out from it. Then the one day old larvae will be moved into larval rearing tank to rear it better. After thirty six hours the yolk reserve is consumed by the larvae thus the feeding will start. Then it will grow into milkfish fry which will still rear inside this tank for around one more month so it will turn into fingerling. Then the fingerling will be moved into bigger rearing pond to rear it until it turns into milkfish Philippines that you search for.
When the harvest time comes the milkfish will have weight around half lb to one lb thus it is ready to be use in production process. After the milkfish arrive inside the milkfish factory, it will be separated according to the size so the product will have uniform sizing even though all fish size will go through the same process. Then it is time to wash and clean the milkfish from all unwanted part such as the scales, gill, entrails and viscera. Now the fish will be fillet to create the milkfish Philippines fillet product that you want to purchase.
Once the product is ready, now it is time for packing. You can ask the supplier from Philippines to pack the product according to the weight that you want. Then they will freeze the product to preserve the milkfish meat so it will still fresh for longer time. Now the product is ready to be delivered to your seafood restaurant. As you can see the milkfish product that they deliver to you is high quality, thus you should really trust milkfish Philippines factory which creating the product. And then you should not have to worry when using milkfish as ingredient in your seafood restaurant dishes.

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