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Delicious Bangus Fish Fillet Recipe with Mango Salsa

You should try this bangus fish fillet recipe because it offers delicious taste plus healthy meal and that’s why it is recommended to eat milkfish in certain recipes including this crispy milkfish bangus fillet serving with mango salsa. It is really one of the best breakfast or lunch recipes that you would totally like. The fillets have a tender texture but crispy on the outside while the mango salsa offer additional healthy nutrients and complement the taste of the mild bangus fillets. Moreover, fillets are usually makes the cooking process easier because you do not need to debone and skinned the fish on your own.

Crispy bangus fish fillet recipe with mango salsa
There are certain things that you need to know before you start preparing and cooking this delicious bangus fish fillet recipe. First, since there are many milkfish seafood products available on the markets, you need to find the best quality of milk fish bangus fillets. First, if you have an access for certain fresh milk fish bangus whole round then you can try to get your hands on them because fresh fish is absolutely the best one. It is okay, if you cannot filleting the whole round fish on your own since bangus is very bony fish, it is hard to remove the bones for some people who do not have the skill. You can ask the fishmonger fillet the fish for you instead.
Alternatively, if you do not have an access for fresh fish then frozen is always the second best option for you to buy when you want to cook tasty bangus fish fillet recipe. Frozen is originally fresh fish that is frozen immediately after caught. There are already deboned and skinned thus you do not need to clean and filleted the fish on your own. After buying frozen milkfish bangus fillet, you can keep the fish inside the refrigerator for one night so the fish can thaw properly before you use it to cook the recipe.
If you do not want to wait overnight then you can simply soak the fillets (still in the package) in the cold water for few hours, it also can be used to thaw the fish slowly. Or you can use the frozen milkfish straight out of the refrigerator by rinse the fish under cold water to remove ice crystal. It is the easiest way to thaw the frozen milkfish bangus in quicker time. Now to cook the recipe, you can follow these instructions by preparing the ingredients first.
Ingredients for the crispy bangus fillet:
-          1 pack of bangus fish fillet
-          1 pack of crispy fry
Ingredients for the mango salsa:
-          3 ripe mangoes (diced)
-          salt for flavor
-          ¼ cup of lemon juice
-          ¼ cup of packed fresh cilantro leaves (chopped)
-          ½ cup of red onion (chopped, but it is optional)
-          1 medium of red bell pepper (chopped)
1.      After you defrost or thaw the frozen bangus fish fillets (of course when you using the frozen seafood product), cut or slice them into sticks.
2.      You can buy boneless frozen fillet with the skin still attached or you can remove the skin.
3.      Prepare the crispy fry and dredge the fillets in the ingredient.
4.      Preheat the pan and add cooking oil, fry the fillets until the color turns golden brown and crispy on the outside. Once they are cooked, remove the pan from the heat and then place the fillets on paper towel to get rid excess oil.
5.      Now start to prepare the mango salsa, prepare a bowl and then mixture or combine all the prepared ingredients, do not forget to add the salt to strengthen the flavor. To make sure the salt absorbed by the mango salsa perfectly, let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes.
6.      Serve the crispy fish fillet recipe with the mango salsa on serving plate for your whole family.
Beside delicious, milkfish is very healthy because they contain omega 3 fatty acids as well as lean protein. The recipe above can be included in your dietary menu because it offers not only nutrition from the bangus fish fillet recipe, but also the mango salsa which is really fresh and yummy.

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