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Experience Milkfish Taste with Delicious Recipe

Milkfish taste is unlike any other species of fish, it is a unique one since the fish has mild flavor but will be showing up better if you know how to cook it with the right cooking method. Milkfish also known as bangus or bandeng is a small and silvery fish with toothless mouth and numerous bones but the scales are so thin and it is difficult to be removed. Milkfish is a healthy fish offers many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals especially omega 3 fatty acids and high quality of protein which is good for overall body function. If you want do not like too fishy taste of seafood then milkfish bangus is the best choice for you.
Delicious milkfish taste for nice and healthy meals
Milkfish is a fish belongs to the family of Chanidae and in the Philippines it is called bangus while in Indonesia more popular as bandeng. Both countries are two largest milkfish producers in the world which exported and distributed milkfish globally. Milkfish can be caught tons every year since they are one of the most important seafood products in fishing industry.
Milkfish taste is not that strong, that’s why it can be cooked and mixed easily into wide variety of recipes such as milkfish salad, milkfish sandwiches, milkfish soup, milkfish stew, and many more. But one of the most recommended cooking methods to cook milkfish is by pan fried since it can brings the taste to the best.
How to pan fried milkfish bangus so it can taste better than ever? Here are few easy and quick steps to do it. You can use fresh or frozen whole round fish to cook this recipe:
·         1 Whole round milkfish
·         2 garlic cloves (chopped)
·         1 tsp of fish sauce (optional)
·         1/2 cup of vegetable oil
·         1 large onion (chopped)
·         2 large tomatoes (diced)
·         1 lemon
·         1/4 cup of water
·         2 green onions (chopped)
·         salt and pepper for flavor

1.      If you use frozen milkfish then you need to thaw the fish properly. You can store the fish in refrigerator overnight so the fish can thaw slowly or you can rinse the fish under cold water to get rid ice crystal. Alternatively, you can soak the fish in a bowl full of ice water and let the fish sit for few hours before you use it.
2.      After that, clean and prepare the fish by removing its head and scales. Removing the scales might be quite challenging since the fish has very thin scales and tender meats, but once you fry the fish, the meats become firm and of course the milkfish taste becomes more delicious.
3.      Pat dry the milkfish with clean paper towel and then sprinkle both sides of the fish with pepper and salt to strengthen the flavor. Make sure you also rub or sprinkle the belly cavity with the seasonings.
4.      Squeeze lemon juice on inside and outside of the fish and after that marinate the bangus for a half an hour so the fish absorbs the seasonings perfectly.
5.      Prepare a frying pan and heat the oil. Once the oil is heat, place the milkfish with the skin stick to the pan and fry until it turns golden brown. Do not forget to flip the fish since milkfish is cooked quickly. Each side of the milkfish can be cooked from 5 to 10 minutes.
6.      Remove the pan from the heat once the fish cooked and immediately transfer the milkfish bangus to the serving plate, put aside.
7.      Make a tomatoes sauce by sauté the tomatoes, onions, and garlic till the tomatoes soften. Add fish sauce and water and then let it simmer.
8.      Bring back the fish to the pan and cook it with the sauce for 2 to 3 minutes. Flip the milkfish once. Remove them and the serve with green onions. Experience the delicious milkfish taste with your family.
If you do not have fresh tomatoes then you can replace the fresh tomatoes fruit with 1 cup of canned tomatoes (diced). Please pay attention that since milkfish contain many small bones and it is difficult to be removed, you may want to remove the bones while eating so you are not accidentally swallow the bones or you can debone the fish before cooking it.

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